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  1. “Go Web Design completed our web site, I’d highly recommend them to anyone. Our project manager Samantha Marquez was fantastic, her patience and response to questions, and there were many, was outstanding.Thanks again Samantha and Go Web Design.”
    Lou ByckScholastic Sports
  2. “I am very satisfied with the outstanding job that Go Web Design provided to me. The communication was clear and the turnaround time was quick as well. I will definitely repeat the business again. Thanks again for your help.”
    Trung NguyenSWTestLab
  3. “In my previous job, I worked at a graphic design firm. We worked with several different web design / hosting companies to complete client work. Website projects were my LEAST favorite type of work, because the website design services were extremely expensive (causing price aversion for the client), the set-up process was difficult (projects took forever to “get started”) and the timeline and steps for completing the project were very confusing. However, working with Go Web Design was like a dream! The price was competitive and the results are fantastic. Even with my very limited knowledge of how websites are built, I felt that the process (from the beginning) was clear and very streamlined. Lee answered every (annoying) question I had, and was helpful and understanding throughout the whole process. I especially loved the guide that we received in the beginning of the project (how to submit files, etc.). It was helpful to have all of the steps in writing. I would highly recommend Go Web Design to friend, family, colleagues and clients.”
  4. “Go Web Design did a great job with my website. They brought me innovative and attractive designs. They worked with me through the endless number of changes that I requested and always responded to those requests well. It was obvious that they were concerned with producing a final product of real quality rather than some quick template website. The result was that I have a website for my small business that is excellent rather than merely satisfactory. I would recommend Go Web Design to all my colleagues (at least those that I’m not competing for business with).”
    Kyle Mastro
  5. Rob was very patient with someone who is technically challenged and who had a lot of questions. He walked me through some things step by step and was great to work with.”
  6. “We are very happy with our new website. Every step of the process was very well handled and quite easy. Our project manager Jan was very professional, and helped us right where we needed it. I had a lot of reservations going into this project, but they were all addressed and we couldn’t be happier.”
    William Demkowicz
  7. “Renee was very patient with me, which was important, since I didn’t know much about web page creation. She was able to answer my questions quickly, and managed to get me about 85% of what I had imagined. Overall, a very businesslike and comfortable service.”
  8. “Thank You All Very Much. Everyone has been very nice and accommodating. Very happy with the site you have designed for us. I also like the option of having more pages built or having updates done for me if I am pinched for time. The prices are very reasonable and the work Is top notch. I will be recommending Go Web Design to others.”
    Awards Inc-Elizabeth Porter Gifts
  9. “I found the process about as easy and efficient as it could be. Everybody made me feel as important as if they were my own staff.”
    Philip Krick Jr
  10. “Thanks to Go Web Design for providing fast, professional, customer friendly service. I am very pleased with the logo and website that you designed for my new company! A special thanks to Samantha.”
  11. “Chad sold me. He was incredibly honest, knowledgeable, and helpful in explaining what was going on as I know very little about the topic. Courtney was always there when I needed something and not only helped me create the site, but motivated me through the process. This was a fantastic team to work with. Thank you !!!”
  12. “Sea Surveyor, Inc. is extremely satisfied with the services of Go Web Design. The Project Manager, Jeffrey Reyes, was very knowledgeable and well-organized. Website design offered multiple choices and provided modern features. Communications between client and customer were well-documented and handled efficiently so there were no mis-understandings. Our website was published quickly after Go Web Design recommended switching to new webhost. I am completely satisfied with our new website and I am very pleased with the professional services of Go Web Design . I have already recommended the services of Go Web Design to others.”
  13. “I was very pleased with my website. Ron and Jeffrey really helped me and were quick to answer any questions I had. Will be using Go Web Design with future web projects.”
  14. “I have done 3 sites with you all are 100% well done every time I think of a project new adventure I think only of 1 company Go Web Design to deliver my vision thank you for your excellent work. And tech support. Very difficult to find any improvements when all is excellent.”
    Adan Figueroa
  15. “My experience with the Go Web Design (Mr. Joe and Ms. Samantha) was a delightful one. I encourage others to have the same mentality with our clients, i.e. touching base daily with the client so no errors occur, and to deliver a service as quickly as possible.”
    SDavid M. Piterski
  16. “I was very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy, and patience of the project manager. All our suggestions were implemented by the design team and the website exceeded our expectations. Thanks for a rewarding experience.”
  17. “We were under a very short timeframe for design and hosting. Our previous website was inadvertantly lost and we needed to get a new site up in a very short time. The team at Go Web Design did a wonderful job. The site looks great. The Project Manager always made sure we were updated and understood each step. I would definitely recommend Go Web Design .”
  18. “We are very happy with our new website. Every step of the process was very well handled and quite easy. Our project manager Jan was very professional, and helped us right where we needed it. I had a lot of reservations going into this project, but they were all addressed and we couldn’t be happier.”
    Margaret Cummins
  19. I needed a website to be designed I search the web for a lot of web design companys and the only website standout to me when it come onto pricing was Go Web Design, I had no problem getting my web project up and running my project manager was pretty good on answering my calls and also answer any questions when I had one. I would gladly or refer a friend or family member anyone that I know who need a website design because Go Web Design is really good at what they’re doing.
  20. “The staff was very helpful and patient!”
  21. “My primary website is with another company but I wanted to quickly build a couple of smaller site for my business. The folks at Go Web Design all worked well together to quickly build a site that I am very happy with.I have not yet experienced the SEO work so I cannot yet comment on that.If you need a quality website built quickly and for a reasonable price, you should give these guys a look.”
  22. “Thank you Rob and Ron for your hard work and patience while taking my website from a concept to a live site on the internet. My recommendation for anyone who is contemplating choosing Go Web Design comes with the utmost enthusiasm and satisfaction.My initial contact was with Ron, my Sales Rep, and it took me almost two weeks to get everything clarified enough to sign the final contract. (This was my fault, I kept changing my mind about what I wanted.) Ron’s willingness to answer all of my questions clearly and patiently is what encouraged me to take the leap and sign the contract.Of course, I was worried that once the contract was signed, it would be like so many other companies we do business with, sign here, send your money, if you have a problem, leave a voice message and we will get back to you ….. whenever. I need not have worried. Rob, my Project Manager, began working with me immediately. I preferred to do all communication by e-mail so that I could have a written record. Every e-mail was answered shortly after sending, and every question was clarified.The three designs for my template came back to me within a few days. Each design was outstanding, and honestly, that almost became a negative because I could not get a clear consensus from everyone concerning which one to choose.Rob and Ron are both so very nice, and after awhile it becomes apparent that the success of your website is more than just another job. They genuinely want you to be happy with your site and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Once my site was turned over to me, and the balance of my payment was received, support from Rob did not stop until I understood how the forum and blog work, and was able to manage the site myself. Rob, thank you for all of your patience, especially with all of the revisions….Who knew font color could be so tricky? I am proud of my website and I am thrilled that it is live, and I owe so much of it to you.”
  23. “Great product, designers are one the ball, 24/7 support, couldn’t ask for anything more.”
    Rachel Vanatta
  24. “Courtney and Cathy have been easy to work with and there response time has been very quick. They have also came up with great input.”
  25. “The saleswoman, Kimberly, was very excited and answered many of my questions going into the project. Being that I could email revisions made things simpler, though I wish I had carved out time in the day to call and go over what I wanted to see to better explain it. The end result is almost exactly what I had envisioned and I look forward to having the opportunity to learn more about how to work on the site from the tutorials and be able to be more involved in a site that is easy to make changes to.”
  26. “Website is so easy to upload any documents.”
  27. “Daphne and her team has done a fantastic job. Your leadership makes a tremendous difference. I appreciate your energy and commitment in completing my website. Thank you all.”
    Rufus Ologan
  28. “Your Employee Jeffrey Reyes is very attentive and competent. Your team did a good job.”
    Art D’Ambrosio
  29. “Working with Go Web Design was a great experience. The Sales Rep, Kimberly was friendly and responsive. The PM Jeffrey was friendly and responsive as well and was able to understand exactly what my needs were. So, when provided with the 3 mock ups, only a few revisions were needed and they did not take long at all. And they nailed it. The site turned out to be EXACTLY what I had envisioned right down to the fonts. I will be working with this web design company on future endeavors. Thank you Jeffrey and Team!”
    Edward Kemper
  30. “The website design team at Go Web Design was outstanding!! I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my website!!”
    Chris J McPhee
  31. “Go Web Design provided an exceptional service! The project manager was on point and the site looks fantastic. Thank you from FlyGo Web Design Aircraft, LLC.”
  32. “Go Web Design worked with our unique time/avaliability constraints and the final product has already paid for itself.”
    Jessie Davis
  33. “I would like to take a moment to document my appreciation of Go Web Design for your excellent work on our new website. Your project management team was great to work with and very helpful. It was so nice to have a patient and professional team working beside us during all the revisions and changes. I value your hard work as well as commitment to providing consistent quality work on our project. In a time where projects become increasingly more crucial on time constraints and financial restrictions having Go Web Design working with us on the development of our website has proved to be invaluable. Thanks for your help!”
  34. “Travis Leuth made Go Web Design a pleasure to work with. He was great at returning my calls and emails, and really made sure that he understood what it was that I was trying to achieve. He was very patient with me when I would get stressed out, and he always always knew how to fix my design issues.”
    Michelle Abbruzzese
    Work IT Fit
  35. “I can’t believe how patient and kind the project manager was. It took longer than expected because I could never find time to answer the emails. I am not creative either, but somehow they managed to help me find out exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with my new website. I will recommend Go Web Design to anyone who needs a website.”
    Linda O’Brien
  36. “Go Web Design is a wonderful web design company. Their constant contact with me and their entire process assured that I got exactly what I asked for. Everything worked perfect.”
    Sandra Fields
  37. “Go Web Design is one of the most professional organizations I ever worked with! Their knowledge and ideas are outstanding and you won’t be disappointed if you choose them for your web and content development.”
  38. “I’ve got to say that I was kind of paranoid when I started the process. I’ve seen some other website designers who promise the world and do not deliver. Your entire team was very helpful, special mention goes to Courtney Hopkins who stayed on top of everything and was very patient and responsive with all my requests. She made the process a lot simpler and easier than I imagined. I would highly recommend your site to anyone and everyone.Once again thank you!”
  39. “Bella was on top of everything every single day.”
  40. “We are very satisfied with choosing Go Web Design to design our logo and build our website. Throughout all the revisions we kept sending back the project team stayed patient and understanding of the look we were trying to accomplish. There was only one hiccup in the process, but the Go Web Design team pushed through with timely responses helping us achieve our goal. Big thanks goes out to Samantha Marquez and her team.”
  41. “Maria was a great project manager and was very helpful. She always responded right away and provided us with exactly what we wanted. Thank you!”
  42. “We LOVE our new web site and our customers love it too! We are so happy with the look of the site and with the ease we are able to make updates ourselves. The design team linked our site to the outside software we use for processing enrollments and it’s making our system completely paperless! It’s wonderful! And at a fraction of the cost we were quoted from other design companies.”
    Michelle Finch3-D Performing Arts Academy
  43. “Samantha was so patient and responsive to the details. She always replied promptly and made sure I was getting EXACTLY what I wanted. Thank you so much. Check out the site – it’s very pretty!”
    Leslie Shapiro
  44. “Daphne is very professional, competent, effective and knowledgeable of the project and client expectation. She is clearly exceptional and consistently addressing my feedbacks. Thank you for an outstanding great job. Jerome and Daphne have high energy that produces extraordinary results. All looks good..”
    Rufus Ologan
  45. “We thank and appreciate your excellent efforts and nice way of dealing things.”
  46. “Excellent support and Aiza is wonderful to work with.”
    Richard Wilson
  47. “I am very impressed with the quality of the work, the price structure, the ease and friendliness of the staff. The timeliness of the work was also impressive. Overall I am a very satisfied customer and highly recommend Go Web Design. I have worked with couple of companies in the past and this has and will be my best experience.”
    Ronald Lazaro
  48. “Thanks for providing our company with a first rate unique site.”
  49. “Rob Spears accommodated every single request we had. He was very efficient, responsive and patient! Thank you.”
    Marcy McKenzie
  50. “Overall it was a learning experience. I was guided through each step and learned a lot. The team did a great job and I could not have a better out come. I would recommended your services to anyone that is looking to create or update their website.”